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The Swiss Association of Dealers in Art & Antiques (SADAA) is the official professional association of the top art and antiques Dealers in Switzerland and represents them worldwide as a Member of the International Art Market Association, the Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art (CINOA).

History of the SADAA

The Swiss Association of Dealers in Art & Antiques SADAA (Verband Schweizerischer Antiquare und Kunsthändler VSAK) was founded in 1911 in Ouchy near Lausanne in the French-speaking part of Switzerland as a kind of a syndicate for the promotion of professional and commercial goals, the safeguarding of the ethical rules of the profession and the protection against abuses.
The SADAA thus belongs to the oldest national art market organizations of its kind.
Among the approximately 20 founding members were the art dealers and antiquarians H. Messikommer und C. Brunner from Zurich, C. Hirsbrunner from Lucerne, L. Woog from Bern, E. Dreyfuss from Geneva, A. Nagel from St. Gallen, furthermore Theodor Fischer from Lucerne, grandfather of SADAA member Kuno Fischer, Berthold Ségal from Basel, father of SADAA member Dr. Georges Ségal, and Dr. E. Rothenhäusler, grandfather of the glass painting specialist and SADAA member Fritz Kummer.
(Source: Christian von Faber-Castell, "75 Jahre Verband Schweizerischer Antiquare und Kunsthändler"; Weltkunst, Heft 23, München 1. Dezember 1986; Seiten 3794 bis 3799)