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Ludovic Marock
Claridenstrasse 34
8002 Zürich
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About us

Ludovic Marock has extensive experience in the art and culture sector. Before founding Plektron Fine Arts in 2016, he worked as a specialist in ancient art at Christie’s auction house. Prior to that, he worked at the UNESCO World Heritage site in Paris, Sotheby’s auction house in Zurich, and the Vindonissa Museum in Windisch. Ludovic Marock participated in excavations on Monte Iato near Palermo in Sicily with the Zurich Institute of Archaeology and also with the French School of Athens on the Cycladic island of Delos. He holds a license/DEA in classical archaeology, French literature, and ancient history from the universities of Zurich and Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. He also completed the CAS Cultural Management Practice at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. His publications include The Antiquities Collection of the Prince of Liechtenstein in the Yearbook of the Historical Association for the Principality of Liechtenstein, Volume 107 (2008), and “The Princely Antiquities Collection of Liechtenstein 1736 to 2008 – Chronology of a Collection” in the same volume, Volume 112 (2013). In line with ethical, moral, and international guidelines, Plektron Fine Arts, with its carefully selected art objects primarily from the Greek and Roman cultural sphere, contributes to keeping ancient cultures around the Mediterranean alive.